Venice Beach Walking Tours

The Classic Interactive Venice Beach Walking Tour with an Emphasis on the Boardwalk

Current Rates:
$40 (Tour only)
$75 (Includes lunch, tax, and tip at THE WATERFRONT, VENICE!

Featured Tour: "The Boardwalk"
(Ocean Front Walk)

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Ocean Front Walk, also known as the famous Venice Boardwalk, runs 1 mile along the beach from the border of Santa Monica South to Washington Boulevard. In and between is the heart of Venice Beach, California, encompassing everything from beautiful, modern residences, designed by world class architects, to historically famous buildings, the world famous Muscle Beach (where the international body building competition craze began), unique trinkets and curiosities, murals, sidewalk cafes, street performers, world class, roller skaters and sculpture and art by internationally renowned artists. And for every side street in Venice, there's a story. We're going to see all of that but we're also going to see and talk about some very, very special things.

There is, for instance, a spot along Venice Beach where an underwater eco system has grown from the remains of a demolished amusement park. Every day schools of dolphins come to lazily feed on the fish in that eco system. I'm going to show you where.

I'll show you which underground cabaret on Windward Street in Venice which was a secret speakeasy during the Prohibition and what still standing building was the site of the first house of ill repute in Venice.

I'm going to take you to some private places and show you the most spectacular views of the coastline, views most visitors never get to see.

You're going to learn about the amazing thing that happened to the remnants of the demolished ocean pavilion and how it's still a part of Venice today.

And, speaking of Venice today, we're going to visit the places that are the lifeblood of current Venice: artist's workshops, Venice Beach Graffiti Pit, Venice Skatepark - and I'm going to tell you about the politics of today's Venice. We'll talk about the differences between the east side of the walk and the west, what happens to the sand every winter and why Venice's homeless population policies are a focal point in a nationwide discussion and a community priority.

Venice Beach is the greatest people-watching place in the world because people from all walks of life are right here. It's Hollywood's celebrity playground. But in Venice Beach you usually can't tell the famous from the infamous from the just plain folk because everyone's in the same torn jeans and sunglasses. And we're going to say hello to many of them, if they don't say hello to me first, which they probably will! I'm going to introduce you to people you never, ever thought you would meet. They may make movies in Hollywood, but they come to life on Venice Beach It's a living, breathing movie in which you participate. You'll see. It'll happen right here.

There is so much to see and talk about and so many people to meet. And it's all changing all the time. I never give the same Venice Beach Walking Tour twice.

I'm looking forward to our Venice Beach Walking Tour together - yours and mine - there has never been one exactly like it before and there will never be one exactly like it again!